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Alopecia Areata in Brief

Alopecia Areata in Brief

Alopecia areataWithout doubt one of the most unusual and a mysterious cause of baldness is Alopecia Areata . Although there is little that is entirely typical about this very rare disorder, it is likely to develop at an early age (around 20) and it affects men and women equally. Most regularly, it takes the form of one or more round shaped bald patches appearing on the scalp, which is often remarkably fast developing. One saving grace is that it is not uncommon for these patches regrow after a few months, but in a minority of cases there is complete loss of scalp hair.

The following are other known facts about the condition:

• For the first lesion that appears within 24 hour period, patients may experience a sensation of pain in the affected area.
• The scalp is usually the area that is affected but Alopecia Areata can also be present in other parts of the body.
• 25% of children with Alopecia Areata condition also experience ridging of the nails.
• 5% of Alopecia Areata patients are likely to develop a more advances condition such as total loss of hair in the head, Alopecia Totalis. While others develop Alopecia Universalis or the total loss of body hair.
• Hair pull tests are usually performed to determine the particular area is actively affected or if further loss of hair shall be expected.
• There is no cure for Alopecia. But the good news is given proper treatment, a considerable percentage of Alopecia patients have a chance to get their hair back within twelve months or with more luck, their hair may grow back sooner.
• People, who are affected by the disorder despite losing hair, are perfectly healthy.

Alopecia areata may or may not cause you to experience complete baldness. The size of your bald spots and the length of time in which they get larger depend totally on the stage of your disease, as well as how often your immune system collapses.

Some men and women, regardless of the intensity level of their auto immune disease, may lose their entire head of hair in the very beginning stages. At the same time, others who are going through the same level of disease may only begin to show a few thinning bald spots. There is a technical name for when people lose all of their hair right away and is called "alopecia totalis".

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