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Children affected by Alopecia Areata

Condition that can occur in any age or gender and it is associated with hair loss, that can be in the form of patches, in the first stage, or boldness on the entire head or even body, is called Alopecia Areata . Alopecia Areata Universalis is a form of the disease when the hair from all over the body is lost. It can be also known by the name “spot baldness”. It’s autoimmune disease, when the immune system of the body mistakenly attacks hair follicles, causing its decline.

Hair loss can be sometimes caused by other categories of autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, thyroid, ulcerative colitis, vitiligo, and allergic disorders. People, who have family members with the same condition, have more chance to be affected as well.

Children can also have it, although in many cases it’s not permanent, so the hair grows back. Hair loss in children is called telogen effluvium. It can be caused by emotional stress of a child, high fever, recent surgery, weight loss, or some other illness.

Alopecia Areata that happens to children and teenagers can occur because of the other reason too. Hair loss can be caused by bacterial infections and can mimic tinea capitis with scaling. It is often caused by the staph aureaus bacteria, instead of being caused by ringworm.

Traction alopecia can occur with kids who wear tight braids or ponytails and newborns. They rub their head against the crib that can result in losing their hair on the back of their heads. Infants and toddlers can have a habit of hair pulling and stroking, as well as thumb sucking, sucking of a pacifier, or rubbing a blanket. That habit usually stops around the age of two or three. You can either ignore this habit or keep your child’s hair cut short so it can’t pull it that much and try to kick that habit.

Trichotillomania is considered to be associated to obsessive-compulsive disorder and is a situation when a child or teen pulls the hair out compulsively, feels tension before pulling or when trying to resist pulling, and feels pleasure, gratification, or relief when pulling her hair out. Hair loss is noticeable with these children and they often need treatment from a child psychiatrist and/or child psychologist who specializes in trichotillomania, because it’s important to identify and eliminate the stressors causing the reaction of the body, in this case hair loss.

The good news is that around 50% of patients affected with this condition grow back the hair in one year. Only 10% have a more serious condition, when the hair follicles do not form the hair again. There are Alopecia Areata Treatments available, prescribed according to the condition of the patient. It’s important to inform yourself about the condition as much as you can in order to approach it in a calm matter. Here are few facts:
Alopecia areata is not contagious
• Children affected are healthy in other aspects
• The conditions is not painful
People with this condition who learn to live with it can have completely normal lives, educate themselves, have friends and get married without any problems whatsoever.

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Alopecia Universalis

Alopecia Areata is a medical condition when the person that suffers from it, loses hair. Although it’s benign and it does not live scars, it can cause enormous stress for the patient. It can manifest itself in many different patterns. Types of alopecia areata are: diffuse alopecia areata, alopecia areata monolocularis, alopecia areata multilocularis, alopecia areata barbae, alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis. The last two types are the rarest and the hardest forms of this disease. Alopecia areata totalis is total loss of hair on the scalp and alopecia areata universalis is the loss of hair over the entire scalp and body.

Lack of body hair is not just esthetic problem. The disease lives you without eyelashes, eyebrows, nose hair so you became unprotected from dust, bacteria, sun and many other harmful elements. Most of us don’t even think about the hair that way. Alopecia Universalis may be short-termed or remain permanently. It’s always possible that the hair will grow back, even for those with 100% hair loss over many years, but it is not possible to predict when regrowth will occur.

People who suffer from it are otherwise healthy, but there is a greater chance to experience thyroid disease and vitiligo than other people. Many patients with Alopecia Universalis are born with some hair but begin losing it very quickly. The disorder is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait that is caused by a mutation in a gene dubbed HR in chromosome band 8p21.2 -- the human version of the gene that is responsible for hairlessness in mice. It is very likely the disease is genetically predetermined but there were no enough studies to confirm it. Additional causes that can trigger the disease are not familiar.

There was a study about a family which was affected with Alopecia Universalis . Three consecutive generations had it. Children with the disease were otherwise healthy, without any inflammatory processes that could inhibit hair growth. Research showed very few hair follicles, they were born without eyebrows or eyelashes, without any hair in general and never developed them.

Research contained analysis of the chromosomes of seven affected members from the family that had this condition in order to detect any genetic similarities that would show that the disease is genetically predetermined. They found a marker at the location 8p12, persistent in all seven family members, but they were not able to determine the exact gene that was at this location.

Researchers conducted experiments with mice, so they can determine if there is genetic similarity in hairless mice with the ones they found in human. The good thing is that they found several examples of alopecia in mice. They identified a cDNA sequence that gave them the coding sequence of the human "hairless" gene. This gene is expressed in the skin and brain in humans and mice. It appears to encode a zinc-finger transcription factor. The results of the research showed that there is mutation in the "hairless" genes of all the affected individuals in the family that was studied.
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Impact of Alopecia Areata on Women

Alopecia Areata is considered to be a skin disease because affects the largest organ of the body – skin and it’s diagnosed by a dermatologist. It can present itself in several forms, it can occur at any age and affects males and females equally. However, the psychological effects are different for man and women. Women with this condition are faced with significant change in their appearance and the way they are perceived by the society. It also has major effect on their self-image. Luckily, there are support programs that are created with the goal to provide support for people that find it hard to live with the disease.

Psychological effect caused by alopecia areata can be devastating for self- esteem of women, especially young girls. The emotional complications and grief caused by this condition are often compared with death or some fatal illness. Beside the grief women having this disease can feel, they can also develop some types of psychological complications because of the changed image of them others might have. Hair is crucial for the identity of many women, because all the key factors of what makes one woman are connected with hair like femininity, sexuality, attractiveness, and personality. In a study that was done between patients who had cancer and the ones that had alopeacia areata, the patients with Alopecia Areata had poorer body image.

Recognition of psychological problem that might appear due to this condition is the first step in making peace with it. It has to be dealt in a careful manner, showing the ways of coping with it, instead of desperately finding the ways to cure it. One thing is sure, the problem should never be overlooked, disregarder or underestimated. It’s important to question all the ways it’s impacting her life and find ways to resolve it or at least facilitate it.

Counseling shows good results because women and girls with this condition find the support in each other and often share creative ways to style hair. Think about investing in stylish hats, wings and scarves that will help you find a fashionable new look. If you lost eyelashes because of this disease, use fake ones. There are many fake lashes that resemble natural ones in the beauty supply stores. Visit a beautician to ask her about the best way of applying eyebrows with eyebrow pencil or eye liner. You will soon realize by yourself the importance of sunglasses. They will protect your eyes from the sun but also from wind and dust. In time, you will find the way to accept it and become more tolerant toward people with disabilities. Eventually, women find the strength to live with it.

The key to successful Alopecia Areata Treatment is early intervention, diagnosis and treatment, if possible, as with any other dermatological or internal medicine complication. That’s the reason why the appointment with your physician can be of great help. As soon you notice some changes ask for a professional opinion. That will make the situation easier and give you enough time to accommodate.

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Symptoms and Misbeliefs About Alopecia Areata

Hair is made of protein called keratin, so when follicles produce new cells, old cells appear on the surface making strings of hair. Normally, adults have on their head about 100,000 - 150,000 hairs, averagely losing hundred a day. All of our bodies are covered with it, more or less. However, if it’s affected with some factors that number can be greater.

Alopecia Areata is a condition when hair is falling from some parts of the head, making patches, or from other parts of the body like eyebrows, eyelashes, nose hair and generally all over the body where hair grows. It is considered to be a skin disease, because it affects skin of the scalp and is usually diagnosed by dermatologist. There are no medical explanations of how these patches develop and why are selected in the way they are and also, there is no test that can show if the patches will stay contained in that area or spread to another one. The cause is abnormal functioning of the immune system, when it attacks hair follicles making it fall more than usual. It’s not limited on any sex or age, it can happen to everyone, although women don’t reach the scale of complete baldness as men. The good thing is that it does not leave scars, only hairless areas.

There are some misbeliefs that exist about alopecia areata. One of them is that it can be caused by enhanced stress. However, National Alopecia Foundation considers that it cannot be caused by nervous disorder, since stress can cause hair falling evenly and hair grows back again after stress factor disappear. Alopecia Areata Causes boldness only on some parts of the head.

Another Alopecia Areata Misbelief is that you can develop more follicles than you already have with all kinds of treatments. That is pretty much impossible, because they can only decrease as you age. The only way that can be achieved is by having a hair transplant surgery. All of the factors like hair color, whether your hair is going to be straight or curly or rate of hair growth are predetermined genetically.

Saying that DHT is the only reason for hair loss is also not true. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is just one of the factors that can cause losing your hair. It’s a male sex hormone, an androgen. 5α-reductase, an enzyme, synthesizes DHT in the adrenal glands, hair follicles, testes and prostate. Male and female adults can lose hair as a consequence of changes in the metabolism of androgen in the body - men more commonly than women. One of the types of Alopecia Areata is caused by hair follicle's sensitivity to DHT and its called androgenetic alopecia. The follicles miniaturize (shrink), resulting in a shorter lifespan and the abnormal production of hair.

There were no medicines in the past, but now special shampoos and lotions exist that can help you prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Consult with your doctor about the best treatment for you.

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Marbo Capelli Contro Alopecia

Marbo Capelli Contro Alopecia

La maggior parte delle persone perdono dai 50-100 capelli al giorno. La testa ha circa 100.000 capelli, la perdita passa quasi inosservata. Graduale diradamento dei capelli e considerate una parte normale di invecchiamento. Essa puo verificarsi come conseguenza di malattia : diversi mesi dopo aver curato la malattia, il parto, disturbi ormonali ( ormoni tiroidei, testosterone, gli estrogeni), mal di denti, infiammazione degli organi interni, anemia. Nelle donne la perdita di capelli di solito provoca il stress, anemia e la menopausa. Le giovani madri spesso soffrono di perdita di capelli dopo il parto. Si ritiene che la perdita di capelli per gli uomini sono colpevoli geni o ormoni. I capelli si possono perdere anche a causa della chemioterapia e altre droghe.

L’alopecia areata e caraterizzata dalla comparsa improvvisa di uno o piu chiaramente limitata gamma senza capelli, che variano di diametro, di solito sul cuoio capelluto, e meno in un’altra zona del corpo (sopracciglia,barba,baffi,braccia o gambe). Ai bordi del paziente sono facilmente estraibili.

La perdita dei capelli e un problema rilevante per la maggior parte delle persone su questo pianeta. Secondo le statistiche la perdita dei capelli si verifica nel 70% degli uomini. Le statistiche dimostrano anche che 2/3 delle donne dovranno affrontare la perdita dei capelli prima o poi nella vita. Fortunatamente perdita di capelli per donne in genere non termina con calvizie complete, come e il caso per gli uomini.

L’etiologia della alopecia e ancora ignota. In molti casi la comparsa della alopecia areata e preceduta da un forte stress emozionale, la patogenesi causata da stress non e ancora stata scientificamente dimostrata. Fino a circa dieci anni fa, tutti I casi della alopecia areata erano esaminati in relazione ai focolai infettivi ( focolai dentale, tonsilite cronica e sinusite).Di recente I focolai sono considerate quasi di minima importanza.L’alopecia areata puo essere registrata in piu membri della stessa famiglia (non nello stesso tempo).Sul ruolo della predisposizione genetica nella comparsa di alopecia areata ci sono opinioni diverse : alcuni autori hanno confermato l’anamnesi positive nel 27% dei casi con alopecia areata, mentre altri negano la possibilita della predisposizione familiare.

Sul mercato ci sono molti prodotti per quail si dice che il loro uso puo prevenire alopecia areata, e persino ripristinare I capelli persi. Purtroppo a volte si esagera con I benefici di prodotti pubblicitari. Una persona che soffre di perdita di capelli e solo interessata a una domanda : ”Sara questo prodotto che mi aiutera?”. Per il trattamento di alopecia richiede tempo e pazienza . Si consiglia di ben leggere le informazioni sul prodotto prima di acquistarlo. Alla domanda : “ Si puo curare l’alopecia? “ la natura ci da una risposta positiva. La medicina naturale ci offre diversi modi per risolvere questo problema.

Innanzitutto, bisognia dire che nessun metodo da risultati rapidi.E impossibile diventare calvo per un giorno – ci vogliono diversi mesi o diversi anni. Allo stesso modo ci vuole un tempo piu lungo per la ricrescita dei capelli. I risultati del trattamento sono comunemente osservati dopo diversi mesi di uso quotidiano. Bisognia essere persistente e non molare.

Alopecia e associate con la nutrizione e la salute dell’ organismo completo. Tutto nel nostro corpo e colegato, poiche la salute dei capelli dipende dalla salute dell’ intero organismo. Se avete problema con la perdita di capelli, medicina alternativa ci consiglia di migliorare la vita, sbarazzarsi di cattive abitudini, ridurrere lo stress e cominciare a fare sport. La qualita nutrizionale e molto importante, e necessario aumentare l’assunzione di ecologicamente coltivata frutta, verdure e bere succhi di frutta frescha.

Vi presentiamo il prodotto registrato con un nome Marbo Attivatore - per la cura di alopecia areata. Realizzato con ingredienti naturali. Rapidamente si assorbe e non lascia alcun residuo oleoso. Dermatologicamente testato Marbo Attivatore e il migliore prodotto con il maggior successo per il trattamento di alopecia areata. Marbo Capelli

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Arten von Alopecia

Arten von Alopecia
Die Haar ist ein wichitiger Teil der Identität jeder von uns, so dass jede Art von Haarkrankungen oder des Haaraufalls einen große psychologische Einfluss auch hat. Rückzug,Verlust des Vertrauens sind nur einige von diesen Auswirkungen wegen des Verlustes der Haar.Die häufigste Form der Erkrankung ist das Schuppen,das wir alle in unseren Leben sicher erlebt haben.Eine der häufigsten Erkrankungen ist auch Alopecia.
Der Haarverlust nennt man Alopecia.Er wird bei den Frauen und den Männern gleichermaßen vertreten.Er kann in jedem Alter erscheinen.Der Haarausfall verursacht die Kahlheit.Er kann in allen Regionen der Haut entwickelt werden: Augenbrauen,Peitschen,Kinn,Körper,Hände,Beine, und gleichzeitig an allen,was die Entwickulng der universalen Alopecia verursacht.
Es gibt mehrere Formen der Alopecia,aber in diesem kurzen Text erwähnen wir nur einige von ihnen.
Die androgene Alopecia-ist der Verlust der Haar bei älteren Männern.Mann nennt sie auch der männliche Haarausfall.Mann verliert das Haar auf dem Scheitel des Kopfes am schnellste.Mann glaubt,dass die genetische Prädisposition eine wichtige Rolle dabei spielt.Eine von der Optionen während der Behandlung dieser Form der alopecion ist die Blockade des Enzyms 5-Alfa-Reduktase.
Seboriena Alopecia-ist ein erhöhter Haarausfall während der Pubertät.Es gibt eine starke Haut- und Haarfett insbesondere auf dem Themen des Kopfes.
Alopecia areata - Das ist der kreisrunder Haarausfall oder der Haarausfall bei Dichtungen.Am häufigsten ist es in der Größe eines Fingernagels.Viele Dermatologen suchen die Verursachen der Alopecia areata in der genetische Prädisposition,d.h. in dem genetischen Faktor(einige Autoren fanden auch eine positive Familienanamnese in 27% der Patienten,und einige bestreiten die Familiedisponierung).Etwa 3% der Gesamtbevölkerung aller Altersstufen wurde von diesem Form des Haarausfalls betroffen.Es kann ohne Vorwarnung erscheinen. Autoimmunkrankheit,Schilddrüse,aber auch eine große psychische Belastung können die Ursache von Alopecia areata vorstellen.Rauchen, schlechte Ernährung und Lebensweise können bis Alopecia areata führen.Alles wird in unserem Körper verbunden,und wir können einen positiven Einfluss auf Haarausfall haben,nur wenn wir die Art und Weise des Lebens ändern.
Es gibt kein vollständige Medikament,das den Haarverlust stoppen wird.Man behandelt Alopecia areata und andere Formen von Haarausfall mit den Kortikosteroid-Cremes,Lotionen,Aminosäuren in Ampullen,aber auch mi den natürlichen Produkten gegen Haarausfall.Endlich kommt Haartransplantation,die immer sehr teuer ist,oder gibt es eine billigere Variante- Perückentragen.Natürlich soll man beachten,dass man nur dermatologische getestete Produkte verwendet.
Man braucht Zeit und Geduld,um Alopecion areata zu helfen.Bei den therapeutischen Möglichkeiten sind die Frauen in einer besseren Position,weil sie Lotionen mit Östrogen benutzen können,die in dieser Wiese wirken,dass sie die Wirkung von 5-Alfa-Reduktase. hemmen.Mann muss gründlich über die Bestandteile des Produktes informiert sein,die man anwendet.Natürlich soll man mit einem Hautartzt,d.h. mit dem Arzt,der mit der Trihologie behandelt.
Wenn wir von Naturprodukten sprechen,gibt es lange auf dem Markt eine Marbo Haar Kollektion.Marbo Aktivator stimuliert die Mikrozirkulation und den fitogenetische Einfluss,indem er die Follikel auf die leeren Regionen revitalisiert.Wie lang die Behadlung dauern wird,hängt von dem klinischen Aufnahme-die durchschnittliche Dauer von malignen Fällen von der Alopecion areata war gegen 2 Jahre.Die lange Zeit der Nutzung dieses Aktivators gab keine Nebenwirkungen.Am Beginn des Tretmans wird die Haar ist schwach und dünn pigmentiert und später nimmt die übliche Farbe und Dicke.Er kann bei den allen Formen von Haarausfall verwendet werden,aber hat er die beste Resultate bei der Verwendung Alopecia areata gegeben.Um die beste Ergebnisse zu ereichen,verwendet man Marbo shampoo und Marbo lotion.

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Prevention of Hair Loss

People normally loose from 50 – 100 hairs a day, which is not much considering that we have around 100,000 of them. However, there are cases when the number of hairs lost per day is much higher. That can be caused by various reasons: medical conditions, medications or hormonal factors like pregnancy, childbirth, discontinuation of birth control pills or the onset of menopause. Medical condition that causes most severe hair loss is called Alopecia areata . This disease occurs when the body's immune system attacks hair follicles — causing smooth, roundish patches of hair loss. It is the inconsistent hair loss disorder that affects around 2 % of the world population. Researchers are constantly working on the possible Alopecia areata causes , diagnosis and treatment. Treatment for it has undergone a huge transition in the last 10 years.

It is very important to be proactive in preventing hair loss as this condition causes emotional disorders and physical havoc in an individual. Prevention includes good hair hygiene, regular shampooing, and good nutrition. Try not to wash your hair with the water that is too hot, use mild shampoo, avoid brushing your hair too much, do the oil massage from time to time and use conditioner after washing your hair.

Taking care of your nutrition can be of great help. Eat food that contains grains, beans, nuts and seeds; the one rich with calcium, such as tofu, soy products, nuts, nut milks, soymilk and certain leafy greens; healthy fats like olive oil, canola oil, walnuts, flax seed and hemp seed; omega-3 fatty acids, found in herring, mackerel, trout, sardines, tuna and salmon; fresh fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins B, A, C and E as well as antioxidants are vital to increase circulation and oxygenation of the blood.; vitamin B rich foods, like nuts, carrots, chard, romaine lettuce and tomatoes; lean meats including chicken and fish and other protein sources such as nuts and drink lots of water to help the body stay hydrated and help grow healthy hair.

Avoid animal fat, especially meat, acidic food like milk and dairy products, sweets and other sugary foods, refined foods, like bakery items, fried, oily and greasy food and other substances that can trigger off inflammation, because it will block the nutrients from flowing into the hair shafts. Excessive alcohol consumption have a negative effect to the hair growth because it’s a diuretic, so it causes accelerated dehydration. A lack of body fluid causes dry and brittle hair. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, which impacts the circulatory system. Hair grows constantly and hence requires constant blood supply. As smoking impedes this supply, hair loss occurs as a result, so try to stop smoking.

This aids the body in its natural ability to fight diseases and infections of the scalp, but before you start following any of the dietary recommendations, it is absolutely necessary for you to get tested for allergies. Any food that triggers off an allergic reaction in you can lead to alopecia or at least worsen the condition significantly. Several people have seen a difference in their hair volume after eliminating gluten, wheat products, dairy or nuts from their diet.
For more information on Alopecia areata treatment you should visit marbohair.com Marbo Activator is one of the hair loss products who are 100 % natural. This product can be effectively used for loss of all body and face hair. Using regularly Marbo Activator stimulates new hair growth on thinning scalp and bald regions, while your hair becomes firmer and healthier. It is a very popular supplement for people looking for a natural alopecia cure. There is a lot of information on the web about Marbo Hair products (activator, shampoo, lotion) and its potential for dealing with Alopecia areata . This product can be effectively used for loss of all body and face hair.

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Tipi di Alopecia

Tipi di Alopecia
Capelli sono molto importante parte della nostra identita, cosi ogni malattia di capelli o perdita di capelli puo causare impatto psicologico. Chiudersi in se, perdita di fiducia sono soltanto alcuni di questi impatti dovuti alla perdita di capelli. Il piu commune malattia di capelli e forfora, che ogniuno di noi ha avuto nella sua vita. Una delle molto comune malattia di capelli e anche la alopecia.

La perdita dei capelli e chiamata alopecia. E presente in entrambi sessi come da uomini cosi anche dalle donne. Puo verificarsi a qualsiasi eta. Si puo manifestare sulle alter parti del corpo come sopracciglia, barba, baffi,corpo, braccia o gambe, che provoca lo sviluppo di alopecia universale.

Ci sono diverse forme di alopecia, ma in questo breve articolo citeremo solo alcune delle forme. Alopecia androgenetica-e la perdita dei capelli negli uomini di eta matura di vita. Noto anche come calvizie maschile.La perdita dei capelli e il piu veloce nella corona della testa. Si ritiene che la predisposizione genetica gioca un ruolo importante in alopecia androgenetica. Una possibilita nel trattamento di questa forma di alopecia e un blocco dell’ enzima 5-alfa-riduttasi.

Seboreiena alopecia-e la perdita dei capelli intensificata durante la puberta. Ce’ anche una forte pelle grassa e cuoio capelluto, in particolare sulla corona della testa.

Alopecia areata - e una perdita di capelli circolare o perdita di capelli sui sigilli. La dimensione piu comune di un’ unghia. Molti dermatologi stanno guardando predisposizione genetica come il fattore ereditario ( alcuni hanno confermato l’anamnesi familiare positive nel 27% dei casi, mentre altri negano la possibilita della predisposizione familiare). Circa il 3% della popolazione totale di tutte le eta sono affetti da qusta forme di perdita di capelli. Puo verificarsi senza preaviso. La causa di alopecia areata puo essere una malattia autoimmune, la ghiandola tiroide e un grande stress psicologico. Il fumo, cattiva alimentazione e stile di vita puo anche causare l’alopecia areata. Tutto nel nostro corpo e collegato e modificare il stile di vita puo avere un effetto positive sulla perdita dei capelli.

Non esiste un medicamento perfetto che fermera completamente la perdita dei capelli. Alopecia areata e altre forme di perdita di capelli e trattata con corticosteroidi, lozioni seguite da aminoacido in fiale, e preparati naturali per la perdita dei capelli. Infine trapianto di capelli che e ancora molto costoso o pure meno costoso indossare parrucche. Naturalmente, occore notare che bisognia utilizzare solo prodotti dermatologicamente testati.

Per il trattamento di alopecia areata si richiede tempo e pazienza. Nella terapia le possibilita di donne sono leggermente meglio, perche le lozioni locali possono essere utilizzati con estrogeni che agiscono come per inibire la 5-alfa-riduttasi. Bisognia conoscere a fondo gli ingredient dei prodotti che si usano. Prima dell uso consultare un dermatologo o un medico.

Quando si parla di medicine naturali sul mercato per lungo tempo ci sono il prodotti di collezione Marbo Capelli. Marbo Attivatore stimola la microcircolazione e l’influenza al fine di rivitalizzare I follicoli sulle superfici denudate. La durata del trattamento dipende dal quadro clinic- una durata media era di circa 2 anni. Lunghi periodi di utilizzo dell’ ativatore non provocano gli effetti negative. All’ inizio del trattamento capelli sono sottili e poco pigmentati, e in seguito prendono lo spessore consueto e colore. Puo essere utilizzato con tutti I tipi di perdita di capelli, ma ha dato I risultati migliori quando si applica per l’alopecia areata.Per ottenere I migliori risultati usare il Marbo shampoo e Marbo lozione.

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Psychological Reactions on Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a condition that is not contagious and it’s not followed by rushes, hives or itching although it’s considered to be a skin disease because it affects the largest organ of the body. However, it has a major effect on the human psyche and it’s experienced as a trauma. It can occur at any age, and affects males and females equally. Having the disease can impact people differently, but there are some well-known experiences among the ones affected. It can be very frustrating and can cause a variety of feelings, like sadness, depression, hopelessness, anger, the need for isolation, fear that others might find out that you have the disease, embarrassment, irrational behavior when searching for a cure, guilt related to the way it affects your family and friends, the feeling that no one understands what you are going through. That’s why people feel enormous relief when they meet someone in the same situation. It’s also challenging for the parents because they can’t help their child, for the siblings because it also affects their life as well and for the emotional partners involved. It’s very helpful to talk with a mental health professional because they are trained to help in situations like this. They can explain how you can work through your feelings and teach you some coping skills. The best way to know if you need counseling is to think about the ways Alopecia areata is impacting your life. If the way you used to live your life has changed drastically and you stopped doing things that make you happy, you started missing work or school often or you lost interest in talking with your loved ones, than you might want to consider counseling. Counseling gives you the opportunity to discuss openly about the things that trouble you. It can affect the way that you see yourself, but also the way other people see you. Even though many men with Alopecia areata lose or have lost their hair, and the bald look on men has become acceptable if not desirable, adapting to a diagnosis of alopecia areata as a man can still be extremely hard, but it’s even harder for women. A number of scientific studies have shown that women are more likely to suffer psychological effects due to hair loss. The reason for that is because the hair for women is perceived as a symbol of beauty. It can affect their self-esteem greatly. Losing hair may also affect someone who is in front of the camera or who needs to be in the public in a very devastating way professionally. Though an Alopecia areata diagnosis would have no effect on one's ability to perform in the workplace, many times individuals become distracted by their new appearance and the perceived reactions from co-workers. Whether you’re having a problem because of the alopecia areata on your work, in the relationship or in school, educating people about the condition might be the best thing to do. The National Alopecia Areata Foundation has a lot of material and inspiring stories that can help you find the right way.

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What to do when your hair starts falling?

What to do when your hair starts falling?
Baldness is mainly men problem, but it’s not completely true. It can happen with both sexes, but women do not reach the scale of a complete lack of hair as men. However, it often cites that 20% of women in their life have some problems with hair loss. Medical term for hair loss is Alopecia Areata (AA). It can happen on a limited area, usually the head, leaving a small circular area (patches) without hear. Hair loss can be a huge psychological problem. Every hair loss can frighten men because of the possibility that it will never grow again.
Alopecia areata can be treated with immunosuppressive drugs or stimulants for hair growth, however, the organism must overcome this disease on its own. If the shampoos against hair loss don’t help, it’s advisable to seek the opinion from a doctor. In order to get the full information he will ask you questions that are related to your eating habits, medications, diseases that you have suffered. If you’re a female, there are some additional questions about the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause.
Here are some alopecia areata causes :
• Insufficient intake of certain amino acids (cysteine, methionine), iron, copper, zinc, some vitamins can lead to lack of substrate for the creation of the hair. • Chemotherapy and radiation (radiotherapy) may lead to hair loss. After treatment, the hair starts to grow. • Many women notice increased hair loss 3 months after delivery, which is caused by the hormones. The hair grows back when the hormones go back to balance. • Some drugs can cause hair loss (anticoagulants, oral contraceptives, antidepressants, retinoids). • Fungal infections of the scalp can cause hair loss. It may be a symptom of another disease, like lupus and anemia, so it should be given importance.
Hair loss can be consequence for the lack of certain vitamins and oligoelements, proteins and carbohydrates needed for normal growth of hair. A vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) has to do with the decline and loss of hair color (pigmentation). Deficiency of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) leads to hair pigmentation disorders. Vitamin H or Biotin plays a role in building the basic hair keratin substances and thus ensures a tighter hair structure.
The deficit of this vitamin leads to reduced activity of hair follicles and hair loss. Hypovitaminosis vitamin C leads indirectly to hair loss due to reduced absorption of iron. Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron from grains and vegetables, and its deficiency causes increased hair loss. Hypervitaminosis of vitamin A can cause decreased activity of the hair and cause loss. Zinc is an essential mineral that is used therapeutically in patients with zinc deficiency, but increased intake may even boost hair loss. The balance of copper is also very important, because its deficiency leads to hair loss, while the excess copper is toxic and can lead to sudden hair loss in a large part of the head (anagen efluvijum). alopecia areata treatment consists in making changes in diet and the appropriate use of nutrition and supplements.
Studies of this disease go in several directions, notably in seeking the genetic basis of disease, then to develop drugs for better control of immune responses, means for rapid regeneration of hair.
Marbo products are current the only natural products for hair growth prescribed by physicians. Of course, you can also buy them in pharmacies without a prescription. Marbo Activator is 100% natural formula that activates growth of new hair on thinning and bald regions. Effective in most cases of hair loss, especially ALOPECIA AREATA.

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Get to Know Alopecia Areata

Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss. It is primarily caused due to the abnormal functioning of the immune system, which in turn results in autoimmunity. Because of this condition, the body's own immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles thus disrupting the normal growth of hair. The hair loss is quite rapid, and occurs in patches. It causes bald spots on the head especially in the first stage. And thus it has the nickname "spot baldness". This hair loss disorder is also sometimes associated with other categories of autoimmune conditions such as thyroid, lupus, ulcerative colitis, vitiligo, rheumatoid arthritis, and allergic disorders. People with a family history of Alopecia areata are also prone to get this disease. In addition, factors such as anxiety, stress, and intake of certain medications are also regarded as reasons for the onset of Alopecia Areta. In 1-2 % of cases the condition is found to be spreading to the entire scalp or epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin).

It can occur in any part of the body, which has hair, not just the scalp - in the beard, eyebrows, eye lashes and any other place where you grow hair. But it mainly occurs on the scalp, usually as round spots about the size of quarters. There is no physical discomfort associated with this disorder. There are three different types of alopecia areata, depending on the location and the severity of the attack:

1. When hair is lost all over the scalp it’s called Diffuse Alopecia Areata. 2. In case when the hair loss is confined to the beard it’s called Alopecia Areata Barbae. 3. The third case is the highest degree of hair loss, from all over the body including scalp, eye brows, eye lashes, pubic hairs, nose hairs and it’s called Alopecia Areata Universalis.

In more than ninety percent of all cases of Alopecia areata , if the affected region is small, symptoms disappear on their own without medical intervention. For some reason, certain environmental triggers such as stress cause the occurrence of AA in patients. Remove the stress and the hair may grow back. About half of all people affected will grow their hair back within a year without getting any treatment. However, the condition can reoccur at any time. Reoccurrence is common.

A doctor can prescribe several drugs, including creams and steroid injections. Many people also respond well to drugs that promote hair growth. These are the Alopecia areata treatment available:

- Medications such as Anthralin, Minoxidil and others - Lotions and creams like Marbo Activator, Marbo Lotion and Marbo Shampoo - Steroid injections Diet plays an important role in triggering or reducing inflammation in the body. The foods you eat contain certain substances that can either promote the inflammatory response or reduce it. In addition, certain food can promote normal immune function.

The effects of this disease are mainly psychological. Alopecia areata often leads to a reduced self-image. The scalp is more susceptible to sun damage due to the loss of hair. Also, due to the loss of nasal hair, hay fever and similar allergic conditions can worsen. Because of the social discomfort, many women with this disease will wear wigs. There is no treatment that works for everyone. They just have to let the disease run its course. The best thing to do is to discuss the options with your doctor.

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Alopecia Barbae

Alopecia Barbae is a reasonably uncommon type of alopecia. This disease is characterized by patches of baldness on the scalp where the hair seems to be missing. Alopecia Barbae on the other hand is similar but the bald patches in this disease appear in the beard rather than the head. These missing patches are often round or circular in shape. This is an indication that unlike Alopecia areata , Alopecia Barbae is found only in men.

Alopecia Barbae, as well as the other types of Alopecia, exist because of the malfunctions that occur in one's immune system. This is the system which has an innate ability to fight the antagonists inside a person's body. And there comes a time when it could actually become confused on the appearance and the role of the hair follicles inside the head. When it suddenly starts to think that these follicles are invaders of the body, the immune system will naturally start attacking them causing them to breakdown as well, thus seriously stopping hair growth. Thankfully, different from the majority of autoimmune conditions, the hair follicles can repair with time and the bald patches can completely fill in.

The actual harm of Alopecia Barbae is to a man's self-esteem. Though the issue doesn't damage the body, society commonly interprets patches of hair loss to indicate significant disease. Since alopecia barbae affects only facial hair, it has the tendency to cause insecurity and anxiety among those who have it. It can also be a cause for ridicule and jokes which affects a person's ego and social life.

What about Alopecia Barbae treatment? It can be treated like other types of alopecia with Topical Minoxidil, Cortisone or Anthralin. Cortisone injections can stimulate hair growth to an extent. The cortisone injections only work in the areas you use them on, not somewhere else. Propecia is a drug which is supposed to inhibit DHT, thus increasing hair growth. Like we stated in earlier articles usage of this drugs can have side effects like fall in blood pressure or increase in the heart rate and weight gain.

Since drugs could be expensive in the long run, affected individuals may try natural remedies. However, there are natural hair loss products and affordable alopecia treatment methods which can help solve these problems. These products are generally affordable and are readily available in your local drugstores or you can order them online. One of these products is Marbo Activator. It is fully natural and it can be effectively used for loss of all body and face hair. So, you can treat any type of Alopecia areata with it.

For more information on how to fight all types of Alopecia areata visit Blog at MarboHair.com Find out about some natural hair care tips and be informed about the active ingredients to take care of your hair and maintain hair health - gently and naturally. Finding a suitable treatment will take time and to begin with you may not find any that seem to work. Persist with looking and you will find a treatment that suits you but always consult your dermatologist.