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Impact of Alopecia Areata on Women

Alopecia Areata is considered to be a skin disease because affects the largest organ of the body – skin and it’s diagnosed by a dermatologist. It can present itself in several forms, it can occur at any age and affects males and females equally. However, the psychological effects are different for man and women. Women with this condition are faced with significant change in their appearance and the way they are perceived by the society. It also has major effect on their self-image. Luckily, there are support programs that are created with the goal to provide support for people that find it hard to live with the disease.

Psychological effect caused by alopecia areata can be devastating for self- esteem of women, especially young girls. The emotional complications and grief caused by this condition are often compared with death or some fatal illness. Beside the grief women having this disease can feel, they can also develop some types of psychological complications because of the changed image of them others might have. Hair is crucial for the identity of many women, because all the key factors of what makes one woman are connected with hair like femininity, sexuality, attractiveness, and personality. In a study that was done between patients who had cancer and the ones that had alopeacia areata, the patients with Alopecia Areata had poorer body image.

Recognition of psychological problem that might appear due to this condition is the first step in making peace with it. It has to be dealt in a careful manner, showing the ways of coping with it, instead of desperately finding the ways to cure it. One thing is sure, the problem should never be overlooked, disregarder or underestimated. It’s important to question all the ways it’s impacting her life and find ways to resolve it or at least facilitate it.

Counseling shows good results because women and girls with this condition find the support in each other and often share creative ways to style hair. Think about investing in stylish hats, wings and scarves that will help you find a fashionable new look. If you lost eyelashes because of this disease, use fake ones. There are many fake lashes that resemble natural ones in the beauty supply stores. Visit a beautician to ask her about the best way of applying eyebrows with eyebrow pencil or eye liner. You will soon realize by yourself the importance of sunglasses. They will protect your eyes from the sun but also from wind and dust. In time, you will find the way to accept it and become more tolerant toward people with disabilities. Eventually, women find the strength to live with it.

The key to successful Alopecia Areata Treatment is early intervention, diagnosis and treatment, if possible, as with any other dermatological or internal medicine complication. That’s the reason why the appointment with your physician can be of great help. As soon you notice some changes ask for a professional opinion. That will make the situation easier and give you enough time to accommodate.

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