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Common Causes Of Hair Loss And How To Cure It

Common Causes Of Hair Loss And How To Cure It

Hair loss occurs when an individual loses more than 100 stand of hair per day. You must determine the cause of hair loss before you can treat it accurately. You will find a wide range of potential causes below:


Genetics are a major cause of hair loss. If male pattern hair loss runs in your family then you’re likely to suffer from it also. Hereditary factors cause shrinking follicles, gradual hair loss, and overall thinning in men and women. Usually, most of the people who inherit hair loss begin to see its effects by the age of 50.


Both physical and mental stress could potentially cause you to have hair loss. If you are suffering from stress caused hair loss then you should find a way to reduce stress or get rid of the cause of your stress as soon as possible. High fever, surgery, or sickness might be the cause of your hair loss.

Improper Hair Care

Having tight braids, hair weaves, and tightly pulled back hair could potentially cause you hair loss problems that appear around the edge of the hairline.
Some flatirons, dyes, and some relaxers might also cause hair loss. It’s common for your hair loss to stop once you’ve fixed the problems with your hair care habits.
Over time, your ability to grow hair will decrease. In old age, hair tends to fall out much easier.
Certain diseases will cause you to have hair loss. Lupus, cancer, syphilis, and diabetes are conditions that could potentially cause you to have hair loss.


Hair loss is a fairly common side effect of many different medications. If you suffer from hair loss after taking a particular medication you should consult your doctor immediately. There might be a more serious problem with your overall health that might’ve caused you to lose your hair.

Poor Nutrition

Not getting the proper nutrients is another reason why people lose their hair. If you get your nutrients in absorbable forms and you get enough silica in your diet (for nutrient absorption) then you should be fine.
Birth control pills, pregnancy, and menstrual cycles all have an effect on hair loss in women. In men, an increase in testosterone might affect hair loss.


Ringworm is another cause of hair loss, often seen in children.

10 Trichotillomania

Is a compulsive disorder where people actually pull out their hair. Noticeable hair loss is often the result.

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