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Female Hair Loss

The psychological impact of hair loss in women is much greater because many women see their hair as the main part of their beauty and take great pride in their appearance. However, this problem does not usually result in total hair loss as it does in men. Hair loss usually occurs because of hormonal factors. As a consequence, biological events like puberty, pregnancy and menopause that effect female hormone levels can also cause female hair loss. In the case of pregnancy, hair loss is simply a consequence of the stress the body undergoes during labor and should stop approximately 6 months after birth. Discontinuation of taking birth control pills can also cause temporary female hair loss.
Alopecia Areata The reasons for this are relatively unknown but research has shown that the cause is thought to be an auto immune disorder where the body mistakenly attacks the hair follicles. What follows is an inflammation of the follicles and surrounding hair structures. This causes the hair follicles to retreat into the deeper layers of skin shutting off an important nutrient supply, the follicles starve and the hair starts shedding followed by a dormant period. This disorder is classified as an autoimmune disease and often affects those with other autoimmune disorders like thyroid disease. Undergoing radiation therapy, such as consuming radioactive iodine for a thyroid condition, may contribute to Alopecia Areata . Thyroid Disease When the body is in crisis, as it is during hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, the body’s hair cells may shut down as the energy is redirected to other parts of the body. During thyroid disease, the hair thins, falls out, and often changes in texture. Hair loss as a result of thyroid disease is treatable and should therefore be considered a temporary condition. However, treatment of thyroid disease does not necessarily remedy the problem. Menopause Hormonal changes and imbalances, like those incurred during menopause, can cause temporary hair loss. An over or under-active thyroid gland can contribute to this problem as doe’s discontinuation of birth control pills. Correcting hormonal imbalances may help reduce hair loss. Hair loss during menopause is caused by a drop in estrogen, resulting in an imbalance in testosterone. This hormonal imbalance causes a loss of hair on the head and hair growth in other areas. Hair loss caused by menopause is usually temporary and generally improves over time. Treatment We present the Marbo Hair collection, for 100 % natural hair care. All products are made of pure herbal extracts; they have strong effect and quick results, which is proven through twenty years dermatological practice. Marbo Activator is 100% natural formula for treatment of disease Alopecia Areata (appearance of bald patches). It activates growth of new hair on bald spots ant it is effective in all cases, from the mildest, with only one or several affected spots, to alopecia totalis, which results in complete loss of hair. It is gentle on the skin and causes no adverse effects even after months of continuous use. It has been confirmed dermatologically that Marbo Activator is one of the most successful natural Alopecia Areata Treatment . This product can be effectively used for loss of all body and face hair. Does not contain drug and have no side effects.

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