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4 Types of Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur very fast and knowing how to treat it isn't something that many people really know how to do. Hair loss treatments are readily available and you can choose between the chemical-based and the natural treatments. People are generally not ready for chemical-based products and so they prefer using the natural hair loss products. Most shampoos use harsh sulphates and ethoxylated cleansing agents, while natural shampoos and conditioners cleanse your hair. Here are some types of alopecia:
  1. Traction alopecia can occur because of the use of chemical treatments such as hair dyes, bleaches and even hair straighteners, so the hair becomes fragile and can fall out with brushing and combing. You may have to consult a doctor or a trichologist to confirm the diagnosis. Women that use false eye lashes have been known to suffer too since their natural eyelashes will die off with their extensive and continued use.
  2. Cicatricial alopecia is a group of related disorders in which inflammation destroys the hair follicles and replaces them with scar tissue. It is also referred to as scarring alopecia. This cause of permanent hair loss is often seen in skin conditions such as discoid lupus erythematosus and lichen planus.
  3. Trichotillomania is a disorder when a person has a strong urge to pull out hair and even sometimes eat it. It can be treated if it’s detected early and it shouldn’t be disregarded since hair loss is a consequence, while the cause may be some stressful event or trauma. It can lead to patchy bald spots on the head.
  4. Telogen effluvium is a scalp disorder characterized by the thinning or shedding of hair resulting from the early entry of hair in the resting phase of the hair follicle, which can be triggered by emotional or physiological stress. Also, eating disorders, fever, childbirth, chronic illness, major surgery, anemia, severe emotional disorders, crash diets, emotional scarring due to erectile dysfunction, fishwives, trichotillomania, hypothyroidism, and drugs can be the reason for the telogen effluvium.
This condition may be hard for the person who suffers from it since it directly alters the self-esteem and self-image, so talking to a psychologist can be of great help. This is not something you should deal with alone, because when you realize just how many people affected are out there, you will find it easier to deal with it. It is especially difficult for parents who have children affected with alopecia. They often don’t know how to approach the problem, so counseling can be beneficial for them to educate themselves and others about the condition. You can promote healthy hair growth with the use of natural hair care products. Hair roots are actually alive and just as like any other organs found in our body, they require nourishment in order to sustain their normal functioning. Natural hair products that are utilized to promote total health of the hair are virtually free of any side effects and are tested through times that have been handed down by generations. Hair Loss Treatment  

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