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Few Treatments for Hair Loss

Alopecia Areata is a condition that manifests itself in the form of patches or hair loss from the entire body, depending on the type. Fortunately, the condition is not painful and the skin affected by it is normal and smooth, with no scars, while the hair around the patch is soft and with little or no color. The thing you should do is to be proactive in preventing hair loss, since this condition causes emotional disorders. There are many alopecia treatments , but your doctor should be the one to decide which one will have the best chance of giving results in your case.

• Oral zinc treatment has occasional benefit in treating Alopecia Areata. It seems to possess an immunomodulatory as well as an anti-androgenetic effect. However, very high doses are needed for it to be effective and this may result in side effects which can include vomiting and diarrhea.
• Retin A – Tretinoin is used in the treatment of both Alopecia Areata and Androgenetic Alopecia. Usually Retin-A in a gel form is rubbed on the area of hair loss. The effects of this gel are the best when used in combination with topical Minoxidil. Minoxidil should be applied in the morning and Retin-A in the evening due to the fact that Retin-A increases the skins sensitivity to sunlight.
• Topical immunotherapy is a treatment for extensive alopecia areata. The treatment with immunosuppressant such as cyclosporine causes a skin reaction similar to mild eczema, which in some cases may lead to regrowth of hair.
• Corticosteroid shots treatment is one of the most effective hair loss treatment . They are injected directly into the bald spot with the aim to suppress the autoimmune reaction. However, it has been proven to work only on small bald spots.
• PUVA - psoralen plus ultraviolet A radiation consists of a topical or oral application of psoralen, followed by ultraviolet radiation. This method is better tolerated than topical immunotherapy but is also less effective.
Prescribed treatments are not the same for all the patients affected with this condition. They will differ from person to person, age also plays an important role and of course, the type of the condition. Hair loss is not easy to get over it, since beautiful and strong hair is something that influences the way other people see us and it is especially hard for women, because hair is huge part of their sexuality and femininity. This can lead to some consequences like social withdrawal and phobia due to shame. However, it is important to understand that there are many people all around the world that suffer from it and that there are many support groups that can help a lot in overcoming it.

Even if you don’t suffer from extensive hair loss, you should work on prevention, like keeping good hair hygiene with mild shampoos, avoid washing your hair with the water that is too hot, brushing your hair too much, also, you should do the oil massage from time to time and use conditioner after washing your hair. Using a hair loss shampoo for preventive reasons is especially effective, but it might not be enough if you are affected with a severe falling hair condition.

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