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Protecting Your Hair With Prevention

Hair loss is a problem that affects lots of people around the world and it should be taken seriously, because it can affect person on many different levels. Affected with this problem, a person may start to shy away from people which may lead to some serious problems like depression. Scientists work constantly on finding solutions for this condition.

When a person starts noticing excessive hair loss, the cause should be determined. However, this is not easy because there are many possible reasons for it: thyroid diseases, low levels of iron in your body, and prescriptive drugs given for arthritis and heart disease. Hair loss may also affect women who take birth control pills, as well as after giving birth. Thyroid alopecia areata is a type of alopecia that is caused by a thyroid disorder or disease.

This condition can occur at any age. A high percentage of people with thyroid diseases develop alopecia areata. In alopecia areata, the hair is lost in patches on the scalp. Hair may be lost in a localized area (monolocularis) or in several areas on the head (multilocularis). The best thing you can do for your hair is to work on prevention. There are many different ways for it and one of it is hygiene - your hair and scalp should be always clean. The water you are washing your hair with shouldn't be too hot. Be gentle to your hair, don't brush it too much. Oil massage is very good for your scalp, so use coconut oil or almond oil for your scalp. Protect your hair with the proper conditioner.

Once the hair loss is evident, you should consult with a doctor about the treatment that should be administered. Hair loss can be mild and severe.
Mild hair loss affects less than half of the head. In some cases, hair growth may restart without treatment. However, it can be treated by a gluco-corticoid injection on the scalp every 4 to 6 weeks. This type of hair loss treatment should not to be administered to children below the age of 12. There is the Anthralin topical cream which can be applied on a daily basis on the affected area. Minoxidil 5% is a topical medicine that also treats the mild alopecia areata.

Since hair is made from protein, hair growth gets enhanced with the inclusion of lean animal proteins and other forms of healthy protein to your diet. Proteins are major source of energy so they can contribute to your hair and nail growth - therefore protein deficiency can cause extensive hair loss. Maintain a healthy diet with the variety of different foods to get all of the different nutrients you need for healthy hair. You will get the most nutrients if you eat the vegetables raw, since some of the valuable vitamins and minerals may be lost due to cooking. If you don't like your vegetables raw try steaming them using a good steamer, you will achieve the same result.

Many people choose natural hair loss products over the standard medical treatments, since they are safe and effective for treating hair loss problems. Marbo Products are made of herbs, which is why they give strong and fast results, all of them influencing the blood circulation and providing proper care for the scalp, leading to hair growth.

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