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Can Some Drugs Lead to Hair Loss

We already wrote about all types of hair loss or alopecia. Especially about alopecia areata, what causes her, what are the symptoms of this condition, and most of all we informed you on alopecia areata treatment . Natural one or hair loss drugs that you can buy only with prescription.

In this article we will talk about some drugs that can lead to hair loss. Large number of well-known medicaments in today’s market can cause temporal hair loss. Many doctors are not familiar with side effects of these drugs. If you feel that you are experiencing hair loss due to any external factors, discuss it with your physician. Here are some of them or some of the groups of drugs that can produce hair loss:

Cholesterol-lowering drugs, Parkinson medications, Ulcer drugs, anticoagulants agents for gout, drugs derived from vitamin-A, anticonvulsants for epilepsy, antidepressants, beta blocker drugs for high blood pressure, antithyroid agents, blood thinners, male hormones (anabolic steroids).

You can always substitute one medicament with another with no hair loss side effects. Of course, you should not do any changes without knowledge of your doctor.

Even some well know hair loss products can have side effects. For example, Minoxidil can cause a fall in blood pressure or increase in the heart rate and weight gain. Propecia may cause birth defects in male baby's sex organs if taken by women. Also, potentially irreversible side effects occurring in the group of people taking the drug are erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder and low libido. For alopecia areata , corticosteroids can be administered either as local injections, given orally or applied topically. Side effects commonly seen are a brief period of pain, more of a tingling sensation and temporary indentations in the skin resulting from the local injections. Sometimes even local corticosteroid use can result in systemic side effects. This is not list of all side effects for most used drugs in the market. For more information you should call your doctor or at least local pharmacy.

A natural approach is consider a more safer way of re-growing lost hair compared to those unnatural ways that may involve harsh chemicals that may have serious side effects. When it comes to natural products against alopecia areata you should be careful. There are hundreds of products out there but just some of them can help you. Because of the wide selection of choices you really need to check if they will work.

You have to do some research on the internet or consult your dermatologist about these products. This is because there are many companies out there that are trying to scam people. Even if they are not a complete scam, they offer very little results. Use just dermatological tested products.

Marbo Activator is one of the hair loss products who are 100 % natural. This product can be effectively used for loss of all body and face hair. Using regularly Marbo Activator stimulates new hair growth on thinning scalp and bald regions, while your hair becomes firmer and healthier. It is a very popular supplement for people looking for a natural alopecia cure. There is a lot of information on the web about Marbo Hair products (activator, shampoo, lotion) and its potential for dealing with alopecia areata . This product can be effectively used for loss of all body and face hair.

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