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Even Kids Can Be Affected With Alopecia Areta

Even Kids Can Be Affected With Alopecia Areta

Alopecia Areata an auto-immune disorder and it is kind of condition that occurs without warning and overnight. It is characterized by the appearance of bald patches on the scalp. It is believed to be the result of an immune system imbalance which causes it to attack hair follicles which in return, causes hair loss or prevents hair growth in the affected area.

Even though balding is mostly connected to aging, the truth is hair loss affects children as much as it affects adults. Up to 3% of pediatric visits are attributed to hair loss. Although alopecia is a serious condition, with proper diagnosis, Alopecia in children can be treated successfully. However, it is advised to treat hair loss of even the smallest amount accordingly. There are different conditions that can cause balding in children. One of which is Alopecia Areata which affects one child in every 1,000.

Fear is a natural response of the parents when they see locks of their babies’ hair falling out. Most of the newborns lose some or sometimes even all their hair during the first six months of life. It is a normal process and in most cases the hair eventually grows back, although the new hair may be a completely different color and texture than at birth. One of the common conditions is cradle cap, which may cause hair loss in infants and it mainly affects infants between the ages of two to six months, causing a crusty, scaling scalp rash. Even If it's left without treatment, cradle cap often clears up within several months. In severe cases it can cause itching and hair loss and may also spread to other areas of the body.

One well-known and popular treatment for Alopecia areata is aromatherapy. When it’s meant for children treatment, it is important to find out first if these treatments are safe for them and approved by a doctor. With current treatments producing undesirable side effects and mediocre results, parents looking for alternatives may want to purchase or make an essential oil treatment for their child's hair loss. There are studies that show that aromatherapy is safe and effective for alopecia areata. This particular formula uses the essential oils of cedarwood, rosemary, lavender and thyme in a solution of grapeseed oil and jojoba.

There are shampoos that can help against hair loss, containing herbal ingredients from different medicinal herbs. Active ingredients full of vitamins and mineral salts stimulate local circulation and hair root renewal. Sage and rosemary extracts regulate sebum secretion, prevent scalp greasing and soothe scalp itching and irritation. In case of more serious conditions it's recommended to use it in combination with Marbo Lotion. It is a 100% natural formula that activates growth of new hair on thinning and bald regions and it's effective in most cases of hair loss especially Alopecia Areata. This product can be effectively used for loss of all body and facial hair. Regular use of Marbo Activator stimulates new hair growth on thinning scalp and bald regions, nurturing the hair at the same time.

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