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All About Alopecia Areata

All About Alopecia Areata

According to studies, over 40% of men between the ages of 18 and 50 have a medium to severe type of baldness. Its occurrence and intensity increase with age. Hair is important for a person especially in terms of social communication. Hair loss is often perceived by the victim as loss of one’s identity, a decrease in one’s attractiveness and an increase of one's vulnerability.

Daily loss of 50 to 100 hairs does not necessarily mean a disorder. The average speed of hair growth is approximately 1.2 cm per month. Hair grows the fastest in summer and the slowest in autumn and winter. More significant slowing of hair growth comes only after the age of 70.

Male hormones positively affect body hair growth (which is attractive to many women), but on the other hand, they adversely affect hair on the scalp. Female hormones – estrogens – protect against hair loss, but their effect is less significant.

There are various hypotheses regarding alopecia areata causes . Genetic factors probably play a significant role because there is a higher frequency of alopecia areata in persons from within one family. As with most autoimmune illnesses, alopecia areata is related to a higher risk of other incurring autoimmune illnesses. Some chemical substances that are a part of the immune system - cytokines - may play a role in alopecia areata by inhibiting the growth of hair follicle. There are several recorded cases of born children with congenital alopecia areata, but these were not cases of the autoimmune illness because a child is born without a fully developed immune system.

The primary alopecia areata symptoms are round bald spots – patches - on the scalp. The first symptom most often appears with small children or possibly adolescents, but the illness may break out at any age. Hair loss may affect various parts of the scalp and it may happen that, at the same time when hair falls out at one place, it might start to grow from another. Any hair surface may be affected including eyebrows, eyelashes and the moustache. Sometimes the illness is accompanied by itching, pricking, pain or burning in the afflicted area. Some people with alopecia also have abnormalities on the surface of their nails.

Alopecia Areata causes psychological stress and deterioration of mental health. Considering the fact that hair loss often leads to significant changes of visage, some afflicted persons begin to avoid social contacts and can even suffer from social phobia, distress and depression. In severe cases when it seems that the chance to restore hair growth is minimal, patients need to consult with an expert. There is always a chance to solve the problem or at least lessen the difficulties that accompany this illness.

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