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Alopecia And Genetic Predisposition

Alopecia And Genetic Predisposition

The essence of the illness is that by some external or internal influence the cells of hair follicles change, which the immune system consequently identifies as alien and begins to create antibodies against them, to destroy them. The immune system cells – leucocytes – attack the fast growing cells in the hair follicles, where hair is formed. Hair first stops growing and then falls out of bulbs. That may occur at any age and afflicts 1% of the population, most often children. The afflicted persons have small hair follicles, which drastically slows down their hair growth. People with Alopecia areata more often suffer from thyroid illnesses, atopic eczema, allergic cold and asthma. Alopecia areata is not an infectious disease and is not caused by nutrition. Just as with many other health problems, it sometimes begins after a stressful event, but it doesn’t always have to be the case. It is not a life-jeopardizing illness and does not cause physical pain, but from an emotional perspective it can be very difficult. Alopecia areata is most often discovered while visiting the hairdresser because, in most cases, the initial loss is hidden.

Hair follicles of most men begin to react during a certain point in life thus increasing their level of DHT in the body. With some men, hair loss may already have begun by the age of 16 to 23. The luckier ones begin to lose hair at the age of 30 to 35. Some men however notice hair loss only after 50 or even much later. The speed of hair loss with androgenic alopecia depends especially on the genetic predisposition to hair loss and the level of DHT in hair follicles.

If you have someone in your family who suffers from hair loss, you can anticipate that you may also lose hair in a similar way and at approximately the same rate. This family member can be from the father's or the mother's side. It doesn't have to be a direct relative, but it might even be, for instance, a distant one, such as the brother of your grandmother. The amount of produced DHT in the body significantly affects the speed of hair loss. If the quantity of DHT reaches the point of sensitivity of your androgenic receptors, the hair begins to fall out. The more DHT the body produces, the faster the hair thins and falls out. Men first begin to lose hair on the sides of the scalp thus causing corners \to form. The corners gradually become bigger and bigger and then the hairline area begins to thin. This stage may be accompanied by hair loss in the back of the head in the vertex area. Gradually the patches of hair loss get bigger. Hair that covers the sides and the back bottom part of the head (typical shape of a horseshoe) is usually resistant to the effects of DHT in the whole course of a man's life. That is why most men do not lose hair in these areas.

Emotional and mental stress could also be the alopecia areata causes , as well as trauma, relocation, death in the family, pregnancy, illness, accident or other major life changes. If not the cause itself, with the people carrying the gene, it can be the trigger for the onset of the condition.

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