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Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

Marbo Hair
There are a lot of things that one can do in order to avoid further denudation of the scalp ( alopecia areata ) or hair loss. Normally loss of 10-100 hairs daily is not a problem but when the lost hair is not replaced with the newly growing hair then the hair loss becomes a permanent.

It is quite important to be proactive in preventing hair loss as this condition causes emotional disorders and physical havoc in an individual. There are many factors which can make you lose your hair. In men and women, hair loss can be caused by different lifestyle factors.

Those people who have a genetic history of hair fall need to consult their physician whenever they discover that there are signs of hair loss. Physicians need to be told by them that they have a history of hair fall and investigate that is this hair fall due to some side effect of any type of medicine.

Further causes of hair loss include thyroid diseases, low levels of iron in your body, and certain prescriptive drugs given for blood thymes, acne arthritis, and heart disease. Hair loss can also occur in women who take birth control pills, as well as after giving birth. Here are some advices for alopecia areata prevention:

1. Never wash your hair with too hot water
2. Try to use a mild shampoo to wash your hair
3. Never form a habit of brushing the hair too much
4. Always keep your scalp and hair clean
5. Oil massage is very good for your scalp. Use hot coconut oil or almond oil for your scalp.
6. Always use conditioner for your hair to keep them fine
7. Use a pack of honey and egg yolk for your hair.

Drink more water every day to help the body stay hydrated and help grow healthy hair.
Consume additional protein daily. Hair is made from protein and hair growth responds well to the inclusion of lean animal proteins and other forms of healthy protein added to the diet. Reduce alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking to prevent thinning hair.

Dietary supplements may also help against alopecia areata . The ingredients to keep an eye out for are vitamins like B6 (which supports many of the body's functions, including hair growth) and Biotin (supports healthy hair, skin, and nails), minerals including Magnesium (which works together with calcium to promote hair growth).

Natural ProductsMarbo Hair Collection is 100% natural Hair loss products without the harsh chemicals like many other hair treatments contain. It is risk-free and easy to apply. This hair loss prevention product has all pure ingredients that make it safer to use on a daily basis. They have strong effect and quick results, which is proven through twenty years dermatological examination. They activates growth of new hair on bald spots ant it is effective in all cases, from the mildest, with only one or several affected spots, to alopecia totalis, which results in complete loss of hair.

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