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Alopecia Barbae as a Psychological Torment for Men

Alopecia barbae is a type of alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. Different types of alopecia areata are identified according to which part of the body the condition appears to affect. Specifically, Alopecia Barbae is when beard hair loss is experienced.

This type of spot baldness is not a symptom of any other disease or disorder. As an autoimmune disease, it occurs because the immune system has mistaken hair growing in the beard as an invading organism and has decided to attack the hair follicles in order to protect the body from this misidentified intruder. Alopecia barbae is not contagious and is not a painful condition. In some cases, hair will eventually begin to grow in the area where it was lost with or without treatment.

Alopecia Barbae begins slowly. In men, it starts with hair loss in the temporal region which reshapes the posterior hairline. Then, it develops with the usual anterior and apex hair loss. While in case of women, it begins with scattered hair loss in the crown. The temporal hair loss is similar to men, but generally, females retain their anterior hairline.

Alopecia is a psychological torment for the sufferers. Hair loss allows the head to be exposed to the UV rays, giving rise in actinic infliction. Cardiac ailments could be accelerated by Alopecia in males, and increase in mild prostatic hypertrophy could be associated with this problem too. If the ongoing research studies evidence that the above relations are valid, then the clinical implications with Alopecia would increase too.

Scientists who study hair loss are not sure why alopecia barbae affects some men and not others. There are some who believe it is stress-related, while others shun this idea entirely. There is also research to suggest that some men may have a genetic predisposition to developing Alopecia Barbae or that environmental toxins, allergens, hormonal changes, as well as a fungal or viral infection may also contribute to the onset of beard hair loss in adult men.

White males are the most affected by baldness in terms of frequency and severity while the second most affected are Asians and African Americans. The least affected are Native Americans and Eskimos.

The sufferers of both genders experience the transition from healthy, pigmented terminal hair to weak, short and scattered hair. The end result is stunted, flimsy, non-pigmented hair in the affected areas. With time, the anagen step decreases while the telogen part is unaffected. It gives rise to the hair fall among the victims. Though it provides a generalized picture, the differences in the development of ailment always persist among different individuals. In case of females, usually, the patch of hair loss cannot be specified.

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