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Initiator of Alopecia Totalis

Initiator of Alopecia Totalis Alopecia Totalis is an auto-immune disease where a person loses all of his or her hair on the scalp. In some instances, it may begin as Alopecia Areata and develop into full blown Alopecia Totalis. Generally, Alopecia will start as a single patch of balding hair then can expand into one of four directions. The most severe case reflects in fast spreading of the bald patches. Scenario with the best results is when hair returns back to normal. The main cause of alopecia totalis , like all alopecia cases, is still not defined at this point. There are several factors, however, which are being considered to be the cause of this condition. Experts and scientists have pointed out various factors, most of them revolving around genetics. Men are mostly affected with this condition, all because of high amounts of androgens present in their body. Androgens such as testosterone are considered to be a major factor in the progress of this condition. One particular androgen, known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT is thought to have the greatest contribution to the development of alopecia. Hair follicles which are too sensitive to these hormones tend to shrink and shrivel up and finally lose their function. There are two other things that can affect this condition and trigger it: genes and heredity. Sons of the bald fathers are more likely to be bald themselves. It is a common sight in the community nowadays. Researches show that a person with a relative who has alopecia has a higher chance of developing this condition than those who do not. There are also researches that show that this condition is caused by autoimmune disorders, a condition wherein the immune system becomes so active that it starts destroying the normal cells and tissue present in the body. When this happens, hair follicles die, causing hair strands to fall off. Alopecia can also be caused by deliberate measures, such as a side effect of chemotherapy and other drugs which react to fast-acting cells. The good news is that with the appropriate treatment, a significant number of patients affected with Alopecia Areata grow their hair back within twelve months. Keeping your hair healthy after is also crucial, which makes prevention important. Alopecia treatment will depend on the person’s age and the type of the condition. Hair loss can be difficult, mostly because society perceives hair as a sign of good health and for women as a symbol of femininity and sexuality. People with this condition might develop social phobia and have problems in relationships, so it’s important to understand that there are a lot of people around the world with the same problem. Supporting each other can be the way to deal with it. Aside from steroids, cortisone injections and oinments, there are also other remedies, based on the 100% natural formula that activates growth of new hair on thinning and bald regions. They are effective in most cases of hair loss especially Alopecia Areata, for loss of all body and facial hair. Using regularly Marbo Activator stimulates new hair growth on thinning scalp and bald regions, while your hair becomes firmer and healthier.

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