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Alopecia Barbae – Treatments

Alopecia barbae is a subtype of alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. Different types of alopecia areata are identified according to which part of the body the condition appears to affect. This type of spot baldness is not a symptom of any other disease or disorder. As an autoimmune disease, it occurs because the immune system has mistaken hair growing in the beard as an invading organism and attacks hair follicles in order to protect the body from this misidentified intruder Alopecia barbae is not contagious and is not a painful condition.

There are several factors which allegedly cause alopecia barbae, but scientists are still unable to determine the exact root cause of this condition despite modern technology. Theories considering the Causes of Alopecia majorly revolve around genetics and hormonal imbalance. Genetics play a big role because it has been observed that people with family members having alopecia of any kind has a higher percentage of acquiring the condition at some point in their lives compared to those without. Another thing is that the imbalance brought about by the rush or lack of a specific hormone in the body can also cause changes in the amount of hair in the body.

One specific androgen, known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT is thought to play the most critical part in all kinds of alopecia, especially androgenetic alopecia. Hair growth is also determined by the amount of blood circulation in the near the skin surface. If the blood circulation gets compromised, hair loss will follow because hair follicles cannot produce and re-grow hair due to lack of nutrients and oxygen brought about by the blood.

Alopecia barbae Treatment options for are limited and some are severe with low success rates, lengthy treatment plans as well as side effects from the treatments. The treatments include use of 5% Minoxidil to help encourage hair regrowth. While this treatment can help, there is not a high percentage reversal rate in cases of alopecia barbae. Also, steroids are used as a treatment for Alopecia Barbae. Daily topical application of a steroid cream onto the beard patch is the most common way to use steroid therapy. Some doctors will give the patient the option of a regiment of steroid injections once every four to six weeks for up to six months to help the hair grow back. However, they do not always give results, and it can even occur that the beard patch stays permanently without hair and the skin of the beard patch can become thin and easily damaged. Minoxidil is often used in conjunction with steroids, as it appears to enhance the action of the steroids.

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