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Alopecia Totalis - Stressful Condition

Alopecia is the general medical term for any type of hair loss and alopecia areata is the most common form of an unusual autoimmune skin disease resulting in patchy hair loss on the scalp, but when hair loss extends to the total scalp, resulting in baldness, the disease is called alopecia totalis. Alopecia Areata affects approximately 2 percent of the U.S. population, which is more than 5 million people. In the 1990s the disease was classified as an autoimmune disease because researchers found that it is the result of the body producing an inappropriate immune response against itself.

If you feel that you are encountering Alopecia Totalis or any of the other Alopecia conditions, you should consult with specialists, research the issue and even arrange to see a dermatologist. This will help you to understand your condition and also know that you are taking pro-active steps to make the best of the situation. Once the hair loss starts, it can be a very hard to deal with but if you have an insight into what to expect it may in some cases lessen the stress levels.

Alopecia totalis is considered a skin disease because it occurs on the skin of the head, or scalp, and is usually diagnosed by a dermatologist. Experts agree that as troubling as it is to lose your hair, the disease does not include any type of physical illness, rashes, hives or itching, although a totally exposed scalp does require extra care from exposure to the elements, especially the sun.

Experts believe there is a genetic component to the different forms of alopecia areata, including alopecia totalis, because one out of five people with symptoms have a family member also affected by hair loss. For some, it coincides with stressful events, but for others it arises from seemingly no good reason. There are no other symptoms associated with alopecia totalis. It sometimes reverses itself spontaneously, when hair growth resumes without treatment. Men are mostly affected with this condition, all because of high amounts of androgens present in their body. Androgens such as testosterone are considered to be a major factor in the progress of this condition.

Alopecia totalis can be very stressful. It can be as emotionally and socially devastating as any disease, although the person is otherwise healthy. It can cause person's withdrawal, consciousness about the condition and insecurity, because of the changed self - image. That's why acceptance and understanding are helpful and crucial for their faster recovery. This condition can be treated by various medications, all directed to its possible causes. Some products like minodixil or caffeine can be used to stimulate blood microcirculation on the hair follicles to regain its function. Drugs such as immunomodulating agents which suppress the immune system can also be used to moderate the activity of possible autoimmune disorder. Some drugs which modulate hormones can be used, but there are also products made of herbs like Marbo lossion. It is a 100% natural lotion for hair loss prevention, but it also quickly stops hair loss regardless of its cause.

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