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The Impact Healthy Diet Has On Alopecia Areata Patients

This disorder usually starts out with the development of small round bald patches, but that can turn up anywhere on the body where there is hair. It can show up in beards, mustaches, pubic areas or other hair bearing parts of the body. In some cases the hair will re-grow and in others the disease can go into remission, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, the fingernails are affected as well, developing denting and pitting. This is an unpredictable illness as each case differs from others. There is always the chance that complete regrowth will occur, but no way to know beforehand. It can be a onetime occurrence that corrects itself, or a pattern of loss and regrowth that continues for years. Stimulating new hair growth with natural remedies such as essential oils is only one component to treating and healing alopecia areata. It is important to remember that underneath the bald patches lays a deeper problem that caused the bald patches in the first place. This problem is a faulty immune system. Keeping the immune system calm and balanced can help inhibit the severity and progression of the disease. This can be accomplished more through change in diet than in any other way. Many people may not realize the benefits from specific dietary changes. Inflammation is involved with all autoimmune disorders and most hair loss conditions. Anti-inflammatory diet can help calm and support an overactive immune system, reducing the potential for flare-ups that could lead to attack on hair follicles. Recent scientific research is revealing a strong association between gluten intolerance or sensitivity and alopecia areata. Testing positive for gluten intolerance would require eliminating all gluten. Some parents of children with alopecia areata have noted regrowth of child's hair and also increase in height of child once gluten is eliminated. The growth spurt in height would be due to the increased ability to absorb nutrients once gluten is removed. Gluten intolerance creates nutritional deficiencies if gluten consumption is continued. Eliminating or reducing gluten will naturally decrease inflammation in the diet as long as other unhealthy inflammatory gluten-free snacks are not being substituted. Many people choose to try gluten free to see how they respond, rather than going through diagnostic testing. Other common allergens associated with autoimmune conditions include dairy, casein, nightshades, eggs, legumes and other individual foods. Having proper amounts of good intestinal flora will help the immune system to stay healthy and balanced. Avoiding processed foods, toxins, additives and pesticides is especially important for those with alopecia areata as any foreign substance can provoke an autoimmune response. Marbo Hair Loss Shampoo contains herbal ingredients from different medicinal herbs. Active ingredients full of vitamins and mineral salts stimulate local circulation and hair root renewal. Sage and rosemary extracts regulate sebum secretion, prevent scalp greasing and soothe scalp itching and irritation. The results demonstrate that Marbo Activator is one of the most effective natural hair care products for growing new hair and that its effect is the fastest when applied together with Lotion and Shampoo. The Marbo Hair products earned patients’ trust because of their quality and effects.

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