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Alopecia Barbae Insight

Alopecia Barbae Insight

Alopecia Areata is a condition that causes hair loss due to various reasons. There are several possible causes of alopecia, but also many forms that it takes, one of them being Alopecia Barbae . Only male population is affected by it, since it causes bold patches in the beard area. It is not painful, nor contagious, but it can affect psychological condition of the person that is affected by it. This occurs because of the image that can be altered, since some men think about their beard as a part of the image they want to portray in the public.

It can be temporary, some men experience it, and since it can happen that the inflammation that occurs beneath the skin surface may go into a milder state allowing new hair to grow again. Hair loss can have recurrence; new patches are often even bigger than the old ones. Usually, society perceives these patches as a sign of some serious health condition, which can have a serious impact on the social and love life of the man who suffers from it.

There were studies conducted about this condition, but scientists did not succeed in determining the reason why some men get affected by it and some not. Some implications that it might be stress related do exist, but that cannot be confirmed for sure. Some men may have a genetic predisposition to develop alopecia barbae and that toxins from the environment, allergens, hormonal changes, as well as a fungal or viral infection may also contribute to the onset of beard hair loss in adult men.

Few available treatments are:

-Topical Minoxidil is effective in treating the cases of Alopecia Barbae . The procedure of this treatment is also quite simple as it just involves applying a solution of the medicine that is 5% in concentration to the affected areas. Some other solutions which are 2% in concentration have not been that effective in the treatment and should be avoided. According to many experts the combination of Topical Minoxidil and Cortisone increases the effectiveness manifolds and also the chances of hair re-growth.

- Cortisone injections treatment is usually performed by a dermatologist. A tiny needle is inserted repeatedly into the area of the skin where the hair is missing. If the injections work, a patient can expect to see hair re-grow in a period of four weeks. However, cortisone injections are no guarantee that hair will re-grow at all. The procedure is relatively painless with only a minor tingling sensation felt as the injections are placed into the surface of the skin.

Luckily, Alopecia Barbae does not affect large number of men, only 2% experience this kind of alopecia areata where hair falls out in sporadic areas. It usually occurs that men who experience patches of facial hair loss, experience it again at another point in time, though the barbae form of alopecia does not indicate or boost your probability for other varieties of alopecia or hair loss.

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