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Cure for Alopecia Areata

Cure for Alopecia Areata

Hair loss known by the term alopecia areata develops pretty fast and anyone can get affected. Since all medical treatments can cause side-effects, many people prefer using natural ones. Alopecia occurs in the form of patches, losing hair just on those spots. It is important to know that the patients with this condition are generally healthy.

Before you start your fight with hair loss, you should know that you should first treat the cause and only then the consequence, since hair loss can be connected with some illness, imbalance of immune system, hormones, trauma, stress and medications that you use. Look into all the possible causes and only then try out remedies and cures for hair loss, because if the cause is not removed, all the effort you put into hair growth may be in vain. Excessive hair fall can be stopped by using a hair loss shampoo specifically made to improve the health of your existing hair.

People affected with hair loss are familiar with the positive effects that essential oils have in treating hair loss . There was a research that included placebo effect to find out the percentage of people who saw the improvement after the use of essential oil. Researchers found out that the combination of those two might work. The essential oils used as a natural remedy for hair loss were: thyme, rosemary, lavender, cedar wood and carrier oil mixture containing jojoba and grape seed. People who participated in the research applied the mixture of these oils daily on the scalp. Some of them used only the carrier oils every day. About half of them felt a difference. There were no side-effects, but the use of essential oils may lead to allergic reaction.

Others have tried out the onion juice, which is widely used natural cure for hair loss. It helps because of its high sulfur content which is known as the "healing mineral". There was a study that showed that people can experience the growth of hair 2 weeks following treatment. Hypnosis is something that most people wouldn’t even consider to be a cure for hair loss, but it actually helps.

Natural ingredients shampoo can be effective cure against hair loss, especially if it’s used as soon as you notice the changes in your hair growth . You should do the thorough research and find the one that doesn’t have chemicals and that your doctor can approve. The shampoos that show the best results in preventing hair loss are those that are transparent about their composition, listing the ingredients, along with those that contain what your scalp and your hair truly need.

There are many herbal and natural shampoos available on the market. Marbo Shampoo contains herbal ingredients from different medicinal herbs. It is a product for totally natural, mild and hygienic hair wash, which is still used by many of our customers. Using both the lotion and shampoo guarantees clearing all types of dandruff, chronic seborrhea dermatitis, scalp redness and itching.

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